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Deep in the Buckhorn Canyon in the Rocky Mountains, a pristine island of wilderness is home to an artesian mountain spring where some of the world’s purest water bubbles up to the surface. You can drink that fresh, fortifying, glacial water — which is purified by the earth and uncontaminated by municipal water supplies — straight from the ground, and that’s just what Jeff Lindauer and Russ Wall were doing when they decided they wanted to share Spring44 with the world.

So they distilled the water into craft spirits.

The result? America now makes the world’s best vodka and gin, and Spring44 is leading a craft revolution.

And we want to share that, too. Here on the Spring44 blog, we’ll bring you updates on our distillery, show you the behind-the-scenes operations of making the world’s best spirits, give you access to our events, pour out our favorite cocktail recipes, and highlight people and places that have joined the party. We’ll also reveal developments of the craft spirits scene as we watch it unfold in Colorado and beyond.

So keep reading, and thanks for coming to the party.

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