Spring44 Wins Living Social Bowling Tourney!

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A surprise cancellation from one of the super brands opens the door for the rag tag Spring44 Bowling Team. Below is a fine description of the event from our New York and Omaha star Crystie Rosen.

The day started like any other yet Team Spring44 knew it wouldn’t end the same… October 1, 2012 would end with banner waving and squeals of glory or heads slung with grumblings of defeat.
Jeff and Crystie stumbled into Lucky Strike as the sun sizzled into the watery horizon, Dave strode in with the confidence of PBA Champion followed by The Mitch bounding, fist stirring the air thick with anticipation. Remi “THE RINGER,” after confirming the lane assignment, rolled in as smooth as a marbled ball on hardwood. Tim in tow, swarmed by fans embracing each with a hug.
Team S44 began the pre game ritual of shoe tying, ball grabbing and beer hydrating. The nemeses, the lane to the left, to the right, watched as the Americans stacked their hands together, mouths wide in battle cry and then… The snowflake explosion.
The line up is set:

Team S44:
Tim “the pin slayer” Cooper
Jeff “these boots ARE lane regulated” Lindauer
Mitch “it’s just a soccer ball with holes” Rosen
Dave “i can only talk baseball right now” Rose
Crystie “it’s not bumper bowling?” Nichols-Rosen
and the man who shall only be known as the, “RINGER”

Dave strong nearly missing a Turkey sends S44 into a comfortable lead. Crystie, only on the team for tax incentives, surprises many by not scooting the ball into the gutter at each attempt. The Captain, Jeff, thrilled with moments of brilliance while Tim and The Mitch held strong throughout. The roar of skin slapping followed “THE RINGER’s” every ball launch down the shiny, soulless corridor leading to the pin occupied battle ground.
Looking left and right, counting the slain by the French and English, Spring 44 fueled by pride and bonded by the love of a compound element could feel the victory slip from their fingers, like a bowling ball from a french fry addict…
…Still…they fought on.
They fought on through a pacifier mishap leaving them a man down.
They fought on through a haze the Irish cast upon them.
through the gutters, the fear and berating.
Theses 6 fought on.
When silence eventually fell upon all… a single voice called out, “The winner is SPRING44!”

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