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Denver, CO 4/1/13 – Spring44 celebrates the launch of its Old Tom Gin. Spring44 Old Tom Gin sets a new benchmark for this unique and classic category of Gin. It joins the Spring44 portfolio of Spring44 Vodka, Spring44 Honey Vodka, Spring44 Gin and Rob’s Mountain Gin.

Old Tom Gin is a classic, lightly sweetened style of Gin that dates back to 18th century England. The name “Old Tom” originates from black cat-shaped plaques in public walkways. After depositing a penny in the cat’s mouth, customers were served a dram of this spirit. The first cocktail book ever written used primarily Old Tom Gin for gin cocktails, therefore many classic cocktails, such as the Tom Collins and Martinez, call for this spirit.


“Old Tom Gin is experiencing a renaissance, as is the gin category overall. We wanted to bring a superior Colorado-made spirit to the consumer” said Spring44 CEO Jeff Lindauer. “We uniquely blend our spring water with an extraordinary botanical recipe that includes juniper, lemon grass, rosemary, grapefruit peel, orris root, galangal and toasted coriander. These botanicals combined with Spring44 water deliver an extraordinary spirit. “


Spring44 unveiled its Old Tom Gin to the public April 1st at 8pm at Williams & Graham, the speakeasy bar in Denver’s Lower Highlands that was recently named “Cocktail Bar of the Year” by Nightclub & Bar Media Group. Williams & Graham barman and proprietor Sean Kenyon will serve classic Old Tom cocktails in addition to his own creations. “Creative bartenders everywhere have been looking for a proper Old Tom Gin” says Kenyon. “Spring44 Head Distiller Rob Masters has shown reverence for the history of Old Tom, while making a unique mark on the category. Spring44 Old Tom Gin has a nice juniper presence that is perfectly complemented with light citrus notes and hints of toasted spice. It finishes and rounds out nicely with a touch of butterscotch sweetness. Spring44 Old Tom Gin is an amazing spirit.”

Spring44 Old Tom packaging was inspired by a very special Ponderosa pine tree which was bestowed the name “Old Solitaire” by the United States Geological Survey. This wise and sacred tree has been drinking the water from Spring44 since it was a pinecone seedling.


About Spring44

Spring44, located in a remote area of the northern Colorado Rocky Mountains, provides some of the purest water on the planet. Its unique properties allow us to create ultra-premium craft spirits that taste like nothing else in the world. Every sip connects you to this incredible place high up in the Rockies.



Please Enjoy Spring44 Spirits Responsibly

Available in Colorado, New York, Florida & Arizona

Spring44® IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF Spring44 Distilling, Inc.

Spring44 Distilling, Inc., Loveland, Colorado – 44% ALC. BY VOL. (88 proof)

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