Incredible Praise from a New Fan

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We had to share this incredible letter from a new Spring44 fan in New Jersey. He took the time to pen this to our amazing sales rep Chris Parilla.

Hi Chris,

I talked to you in the Spirits store in Toms River last Wednesday. You were talking to I guess a manager and he offered me a taste of the Spring 44 vodka. I told you I thought it was close to Tito’s and very smooth. I appreciate the time you took to talk to me about the vodka and the water. That spring water is truly noticeable when you take a sip.

When I got home I took a sip of Tito’s and would say that Spring 44 is smoother and cleaner tasting, slightly sweeter, and with a better finish. And so much better than Grey Goose or the other standard high end vodkas.

There was some fate involved in our meeting. About 15 years ago I traveled to Belarus to meet my family. Day after day we met socially with family members and there was always vodka with all the wonderful food. I had never had just straight vodka, but over there it was so smooth. I came to truly enjoy the vodka toasts (and there were many), and I now associate this with this beautiful family that I have in Belarus.

So upon my return to America, I began a search for a vodka like what I had in Belarus. I tried so called Russian/Polish vodkas, and many other well known brands, but they all were too harsh. I finally found Tito’s recently and felt that this vodka was much closer to what I remembered – very enjoyable to drink straight. However, when I had that one small taste of Spring 44 in the store that day, I knew my search was over – this was the exceptionally smooth, clean vodka that I had enjoyed in Belarus. I have tasted many and this is easily the best vodka.

I thank you again for taking the time to talk with me and introducing me to this Spring 44. I will certainly spread the word.

Wishing you and your company all the best.


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