Our Big Copper Beauty Part 1

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Our Big Copper Beauty Part 1

Back in March we engaged Vendome Copper and Brass Works in Louisville, KY to build us a 150 Gallon Pot / Column hybrid still.  It arrived this past Monday July 9th.  The anticipation had been building within the distillery and we are almost ready to start running wonderful things through it.

Why Vendome?

We chose to work with Vendome for a number of reasons.  First, as an American craft distiller, we believe in and support U.S. manufactured products.  Much like the Spring44 brand, we feel the best goods and services in the world come from right here in the U.S.A.  Also, Vendome has been around for over 100 years making equipment for most of the major distilleries in America. You can’t argue with history.

Just recently, I made a trip to Louisville and toured the Vendome facility.  It’s a very impressive production facility filled with the sound of hammers, welding sparks, and gruff looking workers.  They had a number of projects in production including reactors for a Dow Chemical, column stills for a rum distillery, yeast propagators for Jack Daniels and multiple batch distillation systems for other craft distilleries.  Check out the pictures below.

From the Vendome website:

Vendome has been a successful family business going on four generations. We have operated continuously since the early 1900’s. Throughout its history, our company has been shaped by dramatic events. Prohibition and its subsequent repeal. World Wars. Natural disasters. Rising technology. The emergence and growth of new industries.

We have always adapted to change and welcome the challenge and opportunities it offers. Yet, the principles upon which Vendome was founded – uncompromising quality and superior service – remain constant. Our business success still relies heavily on the unique skills of master craftsmen and management’s commitment to superior customer service. Always has, always will.

As we move into the 21st century, we will continue to use new materials, improved technology and the most practical production processes. And, we will continue to expand our horizons. That makes good business sense. But our dedication to quality and service will never change. That makes even better business sense.

What is a Pot / Column Hybrid Still?

A Pot / Column Hybrid means that this still has the capability to act as either a Pot Still or a Column still.  At the flip of a switch we can move vapor from the boiling kettle straight to the condenser or send it through a column packed with 6 bubble caps.  What’s the difference?  Well, a pot still is used for stripping the alcohol out of a distiller’s wash, where a column still is used for refining, or fine tuning, a spirit.  I am going to save a lesson in distillation basics for a later date. For now, just trust me that this means this still is very versatile.  We chose this still because we will have the capability to make just about anything on it.  Stay tuned.


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