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Allow me to introduce myself, I am Rob Masters.  I have just recently jumped on board with Spring 44 as the Chief Ethanol Savant (Head Distiller).  I am very excited to have joined such a great company filled with amazing people.  This is not my first experience with Spring 44.  As the story goes, I had the pleasure of developing the original Gin, Vodka and Honey Vodka formulas back when I was at another distillery.  As we all went our own direction from that experience I knew it would’nt be the last time I would hear from the founders of Spring 44.  They have decided to open their distillery in Loveland and I have been hired on as the head distiller.  I can’t wait until we get the new place up and running as we have some very special things waiting to be launched.  Keep your eye on this blog as we will be reporting regularly on the progress in our facility and the creation of new products.



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